Meet our Deer & Turkey Program Director – Trace Goodwin


Meet our Deer & Turkey Program Director – Trace Goodwin

My name is Trace Goodwin and I am the Deer & Turkey Program Director here at Lil’ Toledo Lodge and I’d like to tell you a little bit about myself.  I grew up in Southeast Kansas and from an early age, with the influence of my father, I developed a passion for wildlife in the area, especially when it came to whitetail deer.  I wanted to take that passion and develop it further into a career so after graduating from high school I went on to Kansas State University where I dual majored in Wildlife Ecology & Management and Wildlife & Outdoor Enterprise Management.

Upon graduating, I interned at a ranch in the panhandle of Texas helping to establish a management and hunting program for mule deer, but decided to get back to my routes upon finishing my internship by moving back to Southeast Kansas and getting more involved in the whitetail world that I knew best.  I worked for a portion of time with the Kansas Department of Wildlife & Parks and continued my education by completing courses offered in whitetail management from the Quality Deer Management Association.  Now, after the journey of finding my place in life, I’m happy to call Lil’ Toledo my home where I get to not only spend my days outdoors trying to benefit our wildlife in any way I can, but I also get to spend time with individuals who have the same passions for deer and turkey hunting as I do and share in the experience that they get when they come to Lil’ Toledo to pursue a dream of harvesting that nervous old buck or trying to outsmart a crafty long beard.

I look forward to sharing an experience with you!

– Trace Goodwin

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